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Considering Big Bro's achievement in bahasa arab at school for the mid year exam was ..urm, quite bad, we decided to get help. One-to-one tuisyen for bahasa arab and mengaji.
At the moment (while I'm typing this), he is having his lesson - the Ustazah is teaching him about air-air bersuci. Snippets of the lesson:
Ustazah: Antara air-air untuk bersuci
BBro: (menyampuk) Bersuci tu apa?
Ustazah: Haa.. bersuci tu (sambung lesson). Antara air-air yang boleh di gunakan untuk bersuci adalah air hujan,..
BBro: Air hujan boleh ke?
Ustazah: boleh.
BBro: alaaa, takkan boleh? Kalau kena air hujan kan nanti demam.
Ustazah: Boleh. Air hujan, air paip,
BBro: Boleh minum ke?
muuahahahaha... penat le Ustazah nak jawab soalan2 cepu emas BBro.
(sambung lesson, this time pasal malaikat)
Ustazah: Jibrail, Mikail, Izrail,..
BBro: (menyampuk lagi) hah?Israil? Tak kan malaikat Israil tu jahat?
Ustazah: Bukan Israil... IZrail, lepas huruf I tu huruf Z, bukan S.
BBro: ohhh...
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If your baby has a t-shirt that has become too short but still fit, this is an easy way to transform it into something useful again.
For this, we need an old t-shirt (this white t-shirt was too short for the Little Miss now - kalau pakai, nampak belly button gitu), some cloth (I used a cotton printed kain ela) rectangle in shape and a sewing machine (mine, I bought it for less than 70 ringgit at tesco, it is very small but suit my level of sewing also).
Oh yes, I am an absolute beginner in sewing. Used to learn a bit of sewing during kemahiran hidup class in school, then an attempt to make my own baju kurung, which I abandoned at the last stage - kat part nak jahit leher tu, urgh! don't have that much patience to finish that off - leceh sungguh. That pretty much sum up my experience with a sewing, except for an occasional jahit butang tercabut or seluar terkoyak.
Sometimes, we buang tebiat... entah kenapa, tiba2 aku terasa macam nak menjahit.
This was an easy project. Plenty of tutorial on the web, such as this one here.
And some time later.... TA DA!!!
I made this t-shirt dress for the Little Miss.
Ada bakat kah? hhihihihi...
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For father's day, the kids (erm.. mummy actually) ordered a personalized mug for Daddy. It arrived on Friday, Big Bro terus kasi kat Daddy. It is a magic mug. On normal temperature, it is black in color - just like any ordinary black mug. When fill up with hot water .. .tada!! Daddy can see the pic (below) of the kids. haa... kan magic gitu!
Anyway, on Sunday, dalam kelam kabut pegi klinik, ada yang sakit gusi, ada yang kena inject - this forgetful Mummy forgot about Father's day.
This is for Daddy - Selamat Hari Bapa. You know how much you mean to us. We love you!
My firstborn is now a big brother. If life with one kid is hard, with two kids... it is harder. Of course, when we decide to expand this family, we know what we are getting ourselves into. There will be sleepless nights, frequent visit to paed's clinic, messy house, stains on work cloth when you're already late for work, etc. Life is even more chaotic than before. I am like.. forever, all the time tired. My shoulder ache every morning from not-so natural sleeping position because the Little Miss wants to breastfeed all night long. And the Big Bro, eventhough he's big enough to understand that Mummy and Daddy need to give more attention to the Little Miss, sometimes, he still somewhat subconciously vying for attention. He's only 6 and 1/2. Not even 7 years old yet. But, right now, when I'm awake while both of them were sleeping so peacefully, I know that it's all worth it. When they're frightened or scared  and only want their Mummy, it's worth it.
Big Bro started the new school term this morning with a toothache - his first molar is about to make an appearance. Kesian! He's been coughing for a couple of days now coz the swollen gum has somehow affected his tonsils, which are highly sensitive. His diet now consist of porridge a.k.a bubur nasi and mash potato and spaghetti kuah putih (carbonara). Kuah merah tak nak, nak makan yang putih aje.
Big Bro has shown us some results from the mid term exam. Maths 94% - yea! good work!, Science 98% - even better! and Pendidikan Islam 82%  - okay lah. And for his Bahasa Arab, not high expectation there as he told us " ada 7 soalan, jawab satu je" adoilah anak aku ni, mmg hancur bahasa arab! So, we're getting an Ustazah to teach him 'mengaji' (P. Islam and Iqra') and bahasa arab every Tuesday afternoon. Kena tuisyen jugak lah sbb teruk benar progress in these subjects. I'm still trying to coax him to agree to go to tae-kwando and swimming classes for now. Still no success.
As for the Little Miss, she's almost 9 months now. She can hold her toy in one hand and pass it to the other hand. She likes to play with the Astro remote and she knows which one is the good working remote and which one is the broken remote. No tipu-ing her with the broken remote. She can sit unassisted for a short while now. She can move around by rolling her body. No crawling yet. We think she might be too lazy to learn how to crawl. If she wants to get one toy and can't reach it, she cries and someone will get it for her, or pick her up. Lazy or not, we'll let her progress at her own pace. Her vocabulary now consist of em-mae (mummy), ma-am (mamam = eat) and brumm (car = jalan-jalan). She loves to go brumm brumm. Wake-up in the morning.. brum brum. In the evening ... brum brum.
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When you're young, you're at your optimum performance, at least, w.r.t. to your memory. When I was younger, I could recall almost one whole chapter of my history textbook - not word by word, but the sub-chapters and sub-sub-chapters and the contents of the paragraphs. Now, age is getting to me. Juggling motherhood (to two children - at the moment) and a career, it looks like I cannot escape from forgetting something every other day. My children are growing up so fast... I'm afraid I might not be able to remember the important moments of our lives if I rely only on my memory .Putting those moments in writing might help. I hope.